Prayer Requests: 

The engaged couple we were mentoring are doing great.  They even asked if they could recommend us to another engaged couple!  We are delighted and encouraged to see God affecting lives when we choose to honor Him!  Thank you for praying.

For Lynn: She is leading several ministry efforts.  She is organizing and promoting lunch meetings for the local pastors and their wives. She is leading an outreach to parents of prodigals.  She is teaching 16 kindergarten kids at Bible Study Fellowship.  (This requires her to attend a weekly meeting at 5:00 am every Friday!)  She manages the FamilyLife book store and she is administrative assistant for several departments at FamilyLife.

For Danny:  He is continuing to work as a waiter, but his passion is disc golf.  He has been sponsored by Dynamic Discs and has a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers. He is hosting Bible studies in his apartment and making his parents proud. Pray that God would direct him in his next step.  

For Naomi:  Naomi is in a residential treatment facility.  She has recently made "remarkable" improvement in her attitude and her behavior.  She is in the process of transitioning from the high-security building to the regular building. The speed of her improvement is so unusual that even the staff are calling it a miracle. Please continue to pray that God move mightily.

For Marie:  She now works for FamilyLife! She is working in social media marketing. She is doing great and having fun.  Praise God!

For Larry:  I am continuing to work in the tech department and I'm having a ball.  I'm becoming much more knowledgeable and am growing in confidence. I love being able to solve problems.






Praying for someone builds a relationship with them and we would like to build a relationship with you!  We would like to regularly list here prayer requests for our family, and we would like to pray for you, too! 

We would love to pray for you.  Please let us know your praises and prayer reqeusts and we will join you in lifting your request before our Heavenly Father.  Letting us know a request here will keep it confidential between you and us.  If you have something that you would like our whole team to pray for, post it at our Guestbook and we will all be praying.  We look forward to what God will do!

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